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T-shirts - 100% cotton

Our experience has shown that finding a good quality T-shirt is almost a miracle. Regardless of the price at which you will find the model you are interested in, despite the promises about its quality, after a few washes the print is in terrible condition and the color will fade. Such a condition of t-shirts means that you change your wardrobe at least once a year and complete it from scratch, and so the pattern repeats itself again.

T-shirts from Out Off My Mind are an absolute revolution in the industry, which will break the rule. At the very beginning, we found a supplier who gives us access to carefully selected 100% cotton material.

The next step was to find people who will take care of details, cut and comfort of our customers. Immodestly, but honestly we will add that we have succeeded in this art. What's next? It took some time to refine the design of the perfect T-shirt, but after time we can admit that it was really worth it. Until now, it has been difficult to find T-shirts that will stay with us for years, and Out Off My Mind with its determination has finally confirmed that the impossible does not exist.

Why is it worth choosing our t-shirts?

Good question, but we expected it from the very beginning of our virtual meeting. Therefore, we are in a hurry to answer your questions and will satisfy your curiosity. In short, our T-shirts are the work of a Polish manufacturer. Their purchase is an opportunity to support a local, young team.

Secondly, the t-shirts are very aesthetically pleasing, their colors can be easily adapted to the situation and other outfit elements, and the cut, although it looks like typo Basic at first glance, has something special about it. Third, we are one of you and we perfectly understand your needs. We also want to do everything we can to be able to feel free and devote our time to what we really love. Our T-shirts have one more advantage that we must not forget. Each purchase allows you to transfer 5 percent of the value and support one of the goals. You can read more about it in the About us tab.

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